『Kids Festa 2024 子どもの福祉用具展』に出展しました。We exhibited at "Kids Festa 2024 Children's Welfare Equipment Exhibition".

We exhibited at "Kids Festa 2024・23nd Children's Welfare Equipment Exhibition".

当社グループの車いすオーダーメイド法人(EREVO JAPAN)から『Kids Festa 2024 / キッズフェスタ2024・第23回子どもの福祉用具展』に出展しました。

  開催日:4月20日 (土) 10:00~17:00  4月21日 (日) 10:00~16:00

  場所: 東京流通センター 第一展示場 (入場は無料)

  詳しい情報はこちら   キッズフェスタ2024 第23回子どもの福祉用具展






We exhibited at "Kids Festa 2024・23nd Children's Welfare Equipment Exhibition".

Our group's custom-made company (EREVO JAPAN) exhibited at "Kids Festa 2024 / Kids Festa 2024 / 23nd Children's Welfare Equipment Exhibition".

Date: April 20 (Sat) 10:00-17:00 April 21th (Sun) 10:00-16:00

Location: Tokyo Ryutsu Center First Exhibition Hall. (Admission is free)

The EREVO series contains the passion of engineers who have pursued "optimal posture maintenance". The EREVO series gently and firmly supports the parts of the body that need support, stabilizing the trunk and making it easy to adjust. The body is durable and lightweight, and is designed to be easy to use on a daily basis. There are various types in the EREVO series.

・Position holding and tilt function, easy folding type that can be used easily ・Position holding and tilt function, lightweight and compact type ・Position retention, tilt function, wide mounting space, easy folding type ・In addition to the function of holding a normal sitting position, a type that can be set to a posture where the body is stretched and lie down ・In addition to tilting, it is a type that can handle everything from resting postures to active postures by changing the necessary parts.

We exhibited wheelchairs, buggies, posture support devices, and various other uniquely developed products that are optimal for your body.
Many people also test drove the ``Emio'', ``Nicotto'', ``Wallaby'', ``Orce'', ``Charol'', etc. Thank you very much.